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"The seminar was very thought provoking.  It made me even more aware of how powerful our brain is, and how we have the power to really change the way we think.  My life and business have been changed forever."

Nancy Garnsey, Graphic Advantage

"Thank you for being you, for caring so deeply about people, and for providing opportunities for our people to grow and to achieve the dreams deep within their hearts."

Mo Andrews, President, Century 21 Realtors

"What we needed was someone to encourage us to higher levels of personal expectations and you very effectively supplied that."

Chuck Huber, Grocery Products Group, Ralston Purina Company

"The ability to tap into one's potential and work at a higher level of consciousness is priceless when you look at a lifetime.  I am confident that over the next year some exciting things will happen in my life - may I add they are starting to happen now - which will be directly traceable to your seminar."

Winston Glass, Johnson Products

"Dianne and I have had the greatest 18 months of our lives since attending your seminar.  This has been the greatest gift of all because no achievements of a man outside the home can justify failure at home." 

Frank A., Attorney

"I have been blessed in the past because I have been introduced to the untapped power of the mind, but never have I seen any one person totally capture the hearts and mind of such a diverse group." 

Marl Heydorf, Assistant Football Coach, University of Missouri

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