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I.M.A.G.E. Unlimited

Performance Mindset Coaching 

Bob Samara 


Bob Samara grew up in a winning home in Oklahoma City, OK. Both his parents were entrepreneurs and his dad has gone down in history as OU's biggest fan.  Their home was an open door for OU football players during the time that Oklahoma had the longest winning streak in college football history!  Winning permeated his entire childhood.  

At age 22, Bob volunteered to serve his country in Vietnam and was assigned the most dangerous job in the entire Vietnam War. In the jungle, he learned vital life lessons about paying attention and managing his mind that helped him thrive. As a point man, he and his partner, Rolf, a magnificent 105 lb. German Shepard, stalked the jungle using logic and common sense to find ambushes, trip wires, land mines, booby traps, snipers, tunnels and other extreme situations and devices that Bob needed to find to protect his men.  He woke up everyday with a strong drive to win and get his men to safety.

In 1978, Bob founded I.M.A.G.E. to use the insights he learned in the jungle, the classroom, and the locker room to teach others how to improve their lives, both personally and professionally.  He has conducted thousands and thousands of IMAGE Seminars around the United States and Canada.  

Bob has worked with teams in the NFL and collegiate sports, Top Gun pilots, corporate professionals, network marketing entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals seeking to create positive change and success in their lives. 

In 2015, Bob began to host retreats for IMAGE seminar alumni to experience a higher level of intensity and training which are affectionately referred to as Mars Missions.  Hundreds of individuals have experienced breakthrough from their past and from their fears as a result of these retreats.

For 40 years, Bob has dedicated his life to helping people succeed through his personal coaching and his IMAGE Seminars.  As a result, thousands of people have seen greater success in  their relationships, increase in their finances, and experienced more freedom and fulfillment in their lives!

Also in 2015, hungry for personal change, Joanna Salamone, an Idaho native, went to her first IMAGE Seminar in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.   So life altering, Joanna chose to undergo an intense 2 year apprenticeship program directly under coach Bob Samara.  Participating in over 200 Seminars, she carries with her an unshakable belief in the power of the process.  She has seen first-hand lives changed, families made whole, and leaders emerge.  Joanna continues to work side by side with Bob to carry on the legacy, impact lives in a positive way, and take IMAGE into the next 40 years.  

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